Laser Scanning

Point Cloud Scanning

Setch Design can provide a complete 3D Point Cloud scanning service using our state of the art Leica P40.

Using this exciting technology, we are able to provide a new standard in site measuring. Accurate to 270 metres and with high speed capability, this machine delivers unsurpassed range and accuracy and can provide highly detailed full colour scans with realistic clarity. Ideal for the building & construction industry and a proven performer in the heavy industry arena.

Used in combination with Cyclone and Cloudworx software we are industry leaders in converting scan data to industry standard AutoCad or Inventor formats for use in 3D design and drafting.

Benefits of 3D Scanning:

  • 'Unmeasurable' plant and equipment is no longer a roadblock.
  • We can accurately measure and model with a considerable time saving to conventional methods.
  • Dimensional data is collected more safely without the requirement to isolate or scaffold sections of plant.
  • Data collection is completed without interruption to the operation of the plant.
  • Newly fabricated components or piping can be dimensionally checked when completed and prior to a shutdown to ensure a correct fit within the plant.
  • The number of field welds can be confidently reduced with the benefit of reducing shutdown duration.
  • Time, safety, accuracy, efficiency, confidence...

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