3D Modelling & Drafting Services

While the Laser & Cloud Scanning Technologies give us enormously powerful tools, the ancillary modelling & design skills required to interpret and manipulate the scan data to our advantage are the human factor that provide us with a very high level of capability in all piping, steel and structural work.

 We use a combination of specialist 3D packages to produce the intelligent, high end output required by our clients. We are constantly testing new programs, looking for the edge that can improve our output.

We use Mech-Q's 3D steel and mechanical package to increase functionality and provide intelligence to our steel and structural work.

CADWorx Plant provides us with the power to model not only piping, but pumps, pressure vessels and specialised one-off components and keep them in our libraries as accurate, intelligent, specification derived components.

Cyclone & Cloudworx are the industry standard software which drives the Cloud Scanning team.

3D modelling allows a more flexible approach to design of plant and equipment. It is an excellent way (during the design phase) to convey the scale of work to project members who are not trained in reading engineering drawings. 

We have received a lot of positive feedback from clients who have brought in management & finance people and had us do a 'virtual walk through'  of a design to help them appreciate what they're trying to achieve.


Behind the high end drafting output is the acknowledgement that any system will slowly decline without a solid Quality Assurance backstop.

All drawings are subject to a rigorous, systematic checking regime before being issued 'For Construction'. Our checkers are our most experienced people and have a proud dedication to preserving the highest industry standards.

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